Hi, I’m Evan

I grew up in New Brunswick, but came to Halifax about 10 years ago. I got my license the first day I could, and I learned to drive in a blizzard. I’m a mechanical engineering technologist by education, but am pursuing my dream to be an automotive journalist. I know cars, I know technology, I know how the two work together. I like to create, fix and do things with my hands, and I am always trying to figure out how things work. I spend my days reading, writing, driving, working on my cars, racing my cars, and competing in time speed distance rallies with my navigator-for-life.

I’ve written for autoTRADER.ca, autoguide.com, exhausted.ca, hybridcars.com, wheelwell.com and more, and I’d love to work with you. Here’s some of my favourites to show you what I can do.

What Do I Do

I love cars, I love to read, and I love writing. So now I drive cars and then I write about them. Sometimes it’s on the road, but it could be on the track, in the dirt, or chasing cones in a parking lot. Reviews, insights, experiences and stories. I’m always up on the latest in automotive news and innovations, and I could tell you what car to buy, but let’s face it, you’ve already decided.

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